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Total body workouts that you can do in your living room.

25-Minute Total Body Pump Workout

25-Minute Total Body Pump

A total body workout – shaken not stirred.  Wow, it’s been a ling time since I blogged. How long you wonder? Well, the last blog I dropped was back in May. That’s a 3-month break in real time and like a 2-year break in terms of the internet. My break was much needed, though. While I love…

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20-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

If you want an efficient workout, this is it! My 20-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout leaves no muscle behind. We cycle through 20 exercises, once through, using a pair of dumbbells so you can: A) Workout in the comfort of your home B) Get all the major muscle groups trained and toned in your body, as well…

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Muscle Confusion Workout

A couple of weeks ago my computer’s hard drive fried on me – right in the middle of formatting this video. I cried. It was sad to see my old friend Mac give it’s breath, and take my work with it. However, my BFF did not let me down. When I got a new hard drive…

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50-Minute Total Body Sculpt

If workouts were kids, this one would be the good child. The one that does it’s homework, goes to bed and cleans up its room without any nagging. In other words: it’s a functionally sound, total-body, great for all levels strength workout. It’s the perfect go-to workout when you want to train, but you don’t feel like…

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Total Body Kettlebell Workout

A total body, kill your core, kind of workout. And… if you don’t own a kettle bell, no worries! Simply use 1 heavier dumbbell (like a 12lb or 15lb) and Bob’s your uncle (actually he, really). Total Body Kettlebell Workout Click here if the video does not appear for you.   WAIT, BEFORE YOU GO…

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