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Stretches and yoga to help you with flexibility and mobility.

15-Minute Hip Stretch Workout

If you suffer with tight hips, low back pain, poor mobility, stiff knees and/or you run this workout was made for you. In under 15-minutes I lead you through not only a full stretch routine for the hips, but a hip mobility workout too. You see you need to address both your flexibility and your mobility,…

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Better Posture Workout

15-Min Better Posture Workout

This 15-minute posture workout is perfect for anyone who sits in front of a computer for most of their day, or behind the wheel of a car, or for those who are finding their shoulders are rolling forward with age. My 15-minute better posture workout is a go-to for anyone who sits at a desk. You…

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Partner Stretches

Have you ever had a Thai massage? OMG, if you haven’t you must! It’s like yoga, but someone else does all the heavy lifting. You just lie there while someone else stretches you. It’s pure bliss. I have had a few and even took a Thai Yoga Massage course a number of years ago. But,…

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The Best Lower Back Stretches - Fitness with PJ

The Best Lower Back Stretch Routine

Best lower back stretches – right here! I loved filming this workout “The Best Lower Back Stretch Routine”. You see it’s a treat when I can film a workout not be a sweaty mess afterwards! This particular workout is pretty much for EVERYONE! If you: Sit a lot during the day Have low back pain…

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Stretches for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you struggle with falling asleep this is the perfect routine for you. These stretches aim to give you a better night’s sleep. For 15-minutes I lead you through a series of gentle stretches aimed at releasing all the muscles that get tight on us during day. You will feel a lightness and a relief throughout…

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