5-Minute BOSU Ball Strength Workout


So I’m trying to teach Bella to stay in a carrier while I ride my bike. The idea being so I can bike to work with her.


Now, if you’re thinking “she’s a dog PJ, why can’t she run beside you?”.


Well, to that I say this:

Bella under the coffee table Bella sleeping on the couch. Bella sleeping on our bed. Bella back under the coffee table sleeping.Bella chilling while the client's workout. Bella chilling while I workout. Bella DONE 

As you can see Bella is not what I would call an energetic dog, and a 12 km ride to The Studio would probably kill her (however it may kill me too. Between her and the carrier I am carting 100 extra pounds!).


So the other night we began the training of Bella in a carrier.


Right now I can bike around the block with her – which is awesome! However, it took both loving husband and myself (plus a lot of treats) to coax her into the carrier.


Finger’s crossed we can get her used to the carrier. You’ll know when I do, cause if you’re local you’re bound to see us cruising Arthur Drive.


Now won’t that be a sight! Hahahaha….


25-Minute BOSU Ball Workout

Tools Needed:

 BOSU Ball

 Pair of moderate dumbbells

 Pair of heavy dumbbells


The Workout







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