.10 Best Mobility Exercises for Women Over 40

These exercises are for any woman who moves, and wants to move better!

Each drill will help:

  • Injury-proof your joints 
  • Increase your athletic performance
  • Improve your flexibility 
  • Take only 6-10 minutes a day to perform all ten
  • Or, pick the ones that were the most uncomfortable and perform those

Deal? Deal!

PS – These drills are not meant to diagnose, treat, rehab or cure any existing injuries that you may have. If any of these exercises hurt, please stop performing them immediately, and then I highly recommend that you go and book yourself a physio appt. Your body is telling you something, so please allow a professional to take a look at the issue


A dowel, or the handle of a broom stick, or you can also use a stretch tie 


1. Cat & cow (4-point + standing)
2. Low lunge with reach
3. Low squat & reach
4. Modified Jefferson curl
5. Thoracic spine opener
6. Swimmers
7. Reverse bridge with reach
8. 90/90 hip drill
9. Shoulder mobility with a stick or yoga tie
10. Supine scorpoin




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