The Best Lower Back Stretch Routine

Best lower back stretches – right here!

I loved filming this workout “The Best Lower Back Stretch Routine”. You see it’s a treat when I can film a workout not be a sweaty mess afterwards!

This particular workout is pretty much for EVERYONE!

If you:

  • Sit a lot during the day
  • Have low back pain
  • Have had low back pain
  • Want to improve the mobility of your hips and spine
  • Need to unwind before bed
  • Or, need to get the body moving in the AM

This is the perfect workout for you.

So… you see what I mean. The Best Lower Back Stretch Routine is pretty much for everyone.

The lumbar spine has 5 motion segments. Most twisting and bending is divided among those segments, although the majority of the motion takes place in the lowest two segments, called L4-L5 and L5-S1.

The structures in these two lowest segments are the most likely to wear down over time or be injured.

The Best Lower Back Stretches - Fitness with PJ

That smoking — the bad habit that increases the risk of dozens of diseases — can also lead to backaches.

One study found that smokers are nearly a third more likely to have low back pain compared to nonsmokers.

6 Common Culprits to Low Back Pain

1/ Too much sitting. The body was meant to move, not stay static for long periods of time. If you are stuck sitting make it a point to get up and move every 20-minutes for 30-seconds.

2/ Bulging or ruptured disks. Disks act as cushions between the bones (vertebrae) in your spine. The soft material inside a disk can bulge or rupture and press on a nerve. However, you can have a bulging or ruptured disk without back pain. Disk disease is often found incidentally when you undergo spine X-rays for some other reason.

3/ Skeletal irregularities. Back pain can occur if your spine curves abnormally. Scoliosis, a condition in which your spine curves to the side, also may lead to back pain, but generally only if the scoliosis is severe.

4/ Arthritis. Osteoarthritis can affect the lower back. In some cases arthritis in the spine can lead to a narrowing of the space around the spinal cord, a condition called spinal stenosis.

5/ Osteoporosis. Your spine’s vertebrae can develop compression fractures if your bones become porous and brittle.

6/ Muscle or ligament strain. Repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement may strain back muscles and spinal ligaments. If you aren’t in shape and place constant strain on your back it may cause painful muscle spasms.

The Best Lower Back Stretches


10 Ways to Keep Low Back Pain Away

In addition to the workout above!

1/ Get more exercise. While you may think it best to rest your back if it’s hurting, experts recommend the opposite. Regular physical activity can help ease the inflammation and muscle tension.

2/ Watch your weight. Extra pounds, especially around the mid-section, can make back pain worse by shifting your center of gravity and putting strain on your low back.

3/ If you smoke, stop. Smoking restricts the flow of nutrient-containing blood to the spinal discs (not to mention what it does to the rest of the body).

4/ Sleeping position. If you are prone to back pain sleeping on your side with your knees pulled up a bit and a pillow in-between them may help ease the pain. Back sleeper? Then put another pillow under the knees.

5/ Posture. Pay attention to your posture and when seated be sure to push the bum to the far back of your chair and keep your knees a bit higher than your hips. Standing for long periods of time? Position one foot higher than the other using a small stool.

6/ Avoid high heels. Sorry, but high heels shifts your center of gravity and places a strain on the low back. Stick to one-inch heels if you can.

7/ Stash the skinny jeans. Tight clothing interferes with bending, sitting and walking – all of which can aggravate low back pain.

8/ Lighten your wallet. For you men out there, sitting on overstuffed wallets can cause discomfort and pain. Lighten it up, or take it out of your pocket when seated (such as when driving).

9/ Pick the right purse. Messenger bags are best for the back (where the strap hangs on the opposite shoulder of the bag). These types of bags help to distribute the weight more evenly and keeps your shoulders and back pain-free.

10/ Forget the back braces. There are a variety of braces on the market and while they may be helpful after certain kinds of surgery they is absolutely no evidence that these braces can help treat chronic pain. In fact, they can actually add to the pain as the muscles will get lazy because they are not being used everyday to stabilize the spine.


The Best Lower Back Stretches - Fitness with PJ







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