Beginner Cardio + Strength Workout

Loving husband is back in the house!

I managed to talk him into working out with me again.

It’s been about a year since he joined me on a YouTube workout. Which, coincidentally, was the last time he worked out too.

I know! How did we ever fall in love?

In his defence he is old, his job is very physical and he eats a lot of crap.

Add all those together and you get a guy who has very little umph on his day’s off.

Good news, though, he recently cut out sugar from his diet and I am very proud of him.

No chocolate, no Coca Cola, no candy bars, no ketchup, no M&M’s, and as he likes to say “no to anything I actually like”.

I am also very proud that our relationship survived the first week on his new diet.

Yeah us!


Highlight Reel of Loving Husband’s Onset Antics

Tools needed

A pair of moderate & heavy dumbbells

Stupidest Looking Screen Shot… EverPJ-Wren-Larry-Bragg-Funny-Pic

The Workout



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