The other night picky-loving husband and I were reading a blog about what to do as a couple in Vancouver. You see in the colder and wetter months we tend to go into hibernation and I suggested we get out and do something.

So, we did what any intelligent individual would do. We Googled it.

And here’s what we got:

  • Read
    • We both said no to this one as we agreed reading is really a solo activity and not one to be shared together on a Friday night. And, really, how pathetic is that? I can hear the conversation already “Hey PJ, what did you and loving husband do Friday night?”. Me, “Oh, it was so romantic. We both curled up on the couch, fire going while he read Craig’s List (he loves Craig’s List and reads it almost every day – true story), and I finished “Eating Animals” (which FYI I cannot finish because if I did I think it will to turn me into a vegan, which would be the end of my marriage).” Yeah, there is not a hope in hell I am playing that story out on a Friday night.
  • Give each other a massage
    • Um, no. He is a sh*tty massager and my philosophy is that life is way too short for crappy coffee, cookies and massages.
  • Play a card game
    • This one really came up with a Google search of things to do in our town – no wonder Vancouver is considered the no-fun town.
  • Cook together
    • A big no, unless – loving husband’s direct quote – “phoning Pango for a large pepperoni is considered cooking”. While I did laugh, cause it was funny, I shook my head no.
  • Menu plan together
    • This one had me astounded. Really? Menu planning your week ahead is a suggested thing to do as a couple, in Vancouver, on the weekend? I was both impressed (you know how I love me a good menu plan) and horrified. What if picky-loving husband wanted to help menu plan with me? Sh*t. He cannot be responsible for the food that we eat on a regular basis. We will die. But then a spectacular thing happened. He simply said “We don’t have to do that, you got that covered”. Whew, bullet dodged.

So, what did we end up doing together? Curling up on the couch with baby Bella and watching a movie. I know, way less pathetic than reading (haha).

Loving husband and Bella

Notes about last week’s meals

  • The Superfood Porridge from Oh She Glows is freaking amazing. You have to make it. I loved it! I got four servings out of her recipe and ended up, mid-week, making another batch. I have never done that before, that’s how much I loved it!
  • Kale and Apple Salad with Maple Balsamic Dressing  was also a keeper. However, I used less oil and maple syrup than she recommended and next time I will try it without the dried cranberries – I’m trying to cut back on my sugar intake (the natural sugar and chocolate chip cookie kind).
  • The Crockpot Black Bean Soup made me almost stab picky-loving husband’s eyes out. The recipe makes a huge pot and he had two bites and threw the rest of his bowl out. Sigh. I really am not sure what I am going to do with this man to get him to eat less meat. I thought it was pretty good, however it could have used a bit more spice. Nonetheless this recipe is NOT a keeper at my house.
  • The Chocolate Chip Cookies, well I don’t think I need to say more except bake them. They are amazing.

Catch Up On Previous Week’s Menus



  • Lately my skin has been acting up. I am breaking out, then the next day it is dry as hell and nothing is making it look or feel better. My energy levels are a little low too and I feel like a funk has settled over me. I know a lot of this has to do with hormones (thank you menopause, you b*tch), as well as the weather (I always get a little squirrelly when the weather turns to the worse). Then accompany that with the fact that I haven’t been hiking in a while (my favourite place to be is on a trail) will lead to me not feeling like me. But, I want to see if changes to my diet will help.
  • The first change I am going to make is to start having apple cider vinegar every morning. My recipe is: 1Tbsp apple cider vinegar (make sure it is “from the mother”), 1 cup hot water, 1tsp raw honey, cinnamon and a half a lemon squeezed in it. It is not that bad, I’m sipping it right now. Next week I will try a raw food diet for two weeks to see if that helps with everything too (loving husband is bracing for that).
  • Breakfast for the following week is going to alternate between these two recipes:
    • 2 hard boiled eggs chopped up in a bowl with a half of an avocado, cubed
    • Or, chia pudding: 1/2 cup chia seeds, 2 cups unsweetened almond milk, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla, 10-12 drops of stevia and a cup of blueberries. Mix it all up and put in the fridge overnight. This makes 2 servings.
  • PREP: I will hard boil all the eggs on Sunday and make two servings of the chia pudding (since it gets thicker and better as it sits in the fridge).


big ass salad - Fitness with PJ blog

  • BAS (big as salad) with spinach, grape tomatoes, snap peas, peppers, cucumber and then when I plate it I will add sesame seeds and roasted chickpeas for my protein. I will use the leftover dressing I have from last week’s Kale Apple Salad recipe (it’s really good!).
  • PREP: I will roast the chickpeas and make the salad on Sunday and store it in this awesome HUGE bowl I have that I got as a wedding gift from my amazing big sis Cindy. She used to be a Tupperware sales rep and got the bowl there. It is over 21 years old and is used almost every week and keeps on on going. Great bowl!



  • The weekend did not really go according to plan so the BBQ turkey burgers we were going to have last night we will have tonight. I won’t eat a bun, and instead of Tatar Tots (yes, this is what I am seriously making loving husband) I am going to roast me some brussel sprouts.
  • I absolutely love roasted brussel sprouts! All I do is toss them in some extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle some s&p and roast them for 25-30 minutes at 425 degrees.
  • Loving husband will also be made to eat some of BAS above (without the chickpeas or tomatoes), so I know I at least got one serving of veggies into his body this weekend (because sweet and sour pork and sweet and sour chicken balls do not count).


Stuffed-Sweet-Potato-Fitness with PJ blog

  • It’s Meatless Monday what could be the undoing of a very happy 21 year marriage. If you are new to my blog then here’s a quick synopsis of my life in the kitchen with my loving husband: I love fruit and veggies, loving husband does not. He has the tastebuds of an 8-year old boy and because I love him, and I want him to stay above ground for as long as possible, I try my hardest, each and every week, to find healthy recipes and foods that he will eat. And let me tell you these past few Meatless Mondays have been a bust.
  • Loaded Sweet Potatoe – by SkinnyTaste. I have made this before and it is really good, especially the yogurt sauce. Loved it!
  • Now loving husband doesn’t really like sweet potatoes so I will make him a regular potaote and we will also some of the BAS as a side dish.
  • PREP: I will bake both of the potaotes on Sunday, as well as make the rest of the recipe so we can just re-heat when I get home from work on Monday.


  • Wild Salmon Vegetable Salad with Lemon Miso Dressing – by Skinny Ms.
  • However, I will not be adding any nori. If a mushroom can send picky-loving husband over the edge I can only image what dried seaweed could do to the poor guy’s psyche. Read here about how a mushroom almost killed him, and if that didn’t I would.

WORKOUT TIP: Check out this HIIT workout. It is only 30-minutes and will burn a ton of calories, as well as work the core and legs and create a healthier more efficient heart.



Tilapia Tostadas - Fitness with PJ blog

  • Tilapia Tostadas – Whole Foods
  • As you can see by the last two recipes I like the Whole Foods website. They have some great recipes – and they are free! Unlike shopping there which will cost you first and last month’s mortgage.



  • I have a meeting at 4:30 that day and I have no idea what time I will be home, so we will either eat out, take out or just do our own thing.

WORKOUT TIP: If weight loss is your goal, do shorter, more intense weight training workouts. This type of training will get the pounds off way faster than aerobic exercise. Click here for an example.



  • I am not sure about Saturday. I would really love to get a on a trail (weather permitting), so I am crossing my fingers and doing a tribal “don’t rain dance” that this will happen.
  • If we do hit a trail I will throw together a slow cooker meal before we leave so that when we come home dinner is ready for us (I love that!).
  • Or, if we didn’t eat out last night we will do take out after the hike (we only eat one meal out once a week).
  • If we don’t hike, then I will use the day to get ready for my two-week raw food diet I will starting on Sunday.








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