I need to ask a question to those of you with a significant other.

Is it bad to have the urge/want/desire, every so often, to punch your loved one in the throat?

Don’t get me wrong. I love and adore my husband. Since the day I meet him he has made me want to be a better person. But, every so often I would really love to punch loving husband in the trachea.

Having this urge once in a while is normal behaviour, right?

Why I wanted to kill loving husband

Case in point early last week. For Meatless Monday we had some of the leftover vegan chili from the previous week (very yummy, click here for the recipe). This particular recipe asked for mushrooms, and while I usually do not add them to a recipe because of picky-loving-husband (click here for the list of what he won’t eat), I felt like eating mushrooms because I miss them.

So, I added them to the recipe, but I did not cut them. Instead I left them big and whole, so that picky-loving-husband could easily pick them out of his bowl if one found its way there.

Little did I know, however, that he would shovel the stuff into his mouth without looking at the contents on his spoon first. Yeah, you know where I am going with this.

All of a sudden there were choking and retching sounds to my right as he dramatically pulled a whole mushroom out of his mouth. Normally I would have just rolled my eyes, ignored him and continued on eating.

But, he wasn’t done yet. He had to also go on a tirade about how he almost choked on a mushroom and what would people say if they found out I killed him with a mushroom?!?!

He continued on, wondering out loud, how I would write his eulogy (death by mushroom?), what would I think of the irony of him dying from eating healthy food, how his gravestone would be the laughing stock of the graveyard with death by mushroom written on it, and what if, God forbid, he actually swallowed the damn thing.

He could have had a mushroom sitting in his stomach right this second. Apparently at that point there was no more trust with the chili and he spent the next 5 minutes carefully dissecting his entire bowl.

It was at that moment, as I was envisioning places to hide the body, that I wanted to choke him and punch him in throat.

I did not. Instead I ate my mushrooms with great slurping and mmmmmm’s sounds until my dinner was finished. Yes, we act like a couple of 10-year olds in our house sometimes.

Notes about last week’s meal

  • Not much to report, it was all good and the oatmeal recipe is amazing. HAHA, yes that’s my recipe. But, trust me, it is really good!
  • Actually, I do want to give a shout out to my (other) favourite from last week, the Creamy Avocado Spinach Pesto Zoodles (click here for the recipe). It was AWESOME!
  • I did have a serious brain fart when shopping for this recipe, though. The recipe clearly states “3 cups of spinach” and I clearly bought a crap of baby kale. So, I made do with the baby kale and it tasted great (however, having never made it before I have absolutely no baseline to judge taste on).
  • I also did use 2 tbsp of olive oil. I found I only needed one.
  • In addition, I roasted my baby tomatoes with some olive oil and garlic and also added fresh basil when I plated it. This was super good and I will definitely keep this as a regular meal – when loving husband is not home.
  • Loving husband’s favourite meal from last week…. the double, double burger from White Spot we ordered on our “take-out night” with the two servings of fries he ordered with it and the extra coleslaw he ate (I don’t like restaurant coleslaw, so he always eats mine). When I pressed him to tell me what fave meal from the recipes we used, he said the Split Pea & Ham Soup.
  • Check Out Week 1
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A Trainer’s Weekly Menu


Protein pancake recipe - Fitness with PJ

  • This is an “off” week for me, meaning that my classes are on a week break so my mornings are not as rushed as they normally are.
  • Because of this I am going to make some of those protein pancakes (click here for the recipe) I wrote about on Friday, each morning. BUT, if I have time today I will prep them in advance.
  • TIP: to prep protein pancakes I make them for the week and then wrap and freeze them individually. The night before I pull one from the freezer and in the morning toast it, or re-heat in the microwave.
  • For toppings I will slather some almond butter on it, or heat some strawberry jam and pour on top of it.



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  • This afternoon we are meeting friends for brunch at a restaurant that does not serve brunch (WTF? Who does not serve a breakfast menu? Especially on a Sunday? Apparently the Cactus Club does not.). After that we are headed for a late matinee of the new James Bond movie (hello sexy Daniel Craig).
  • At the theatre I may have popcorn – GASP! Yes, trainer’s eat crap once in a while too. I am a trainer, not a goddamn saint.
  • So, because of this late brunch that’s not really brunch, and the potential crap that might be eaten at the theatre, dinner will be non-existent. Maybe a protein shake, but I doubt it because we probably won’t be very hungry.


  • Oh joy, another Meatless Monday! Or, as loving husband likes to call it “his worst day of the week”.
  • Tonight I will go easy on the guy (since he is still recovering from the above mushroom incident), and make a slow cooker egg frittata. (Recipe to be released on Friday… so hang tight.)


salmon-tacos-with-avocado-salsa - Fitness with PJ Blog Salmon Tacos with Avocado Salsa – Cooking Classy

  • Taco Tuesday! Yum!
  • Grilled Salmon Tacos with Avocado Salsa – by Cooking Classy
  • This recipe looks amazing! However, I won’t lie. I probably won’t make the avocado salsa. But, it does look amazing…. so maybe I will. Let’s see how ambitious I feel Tuesday night.

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  • Sweet Chili Lime BBQ Chicken with Cucumber Salad 
    – from Muscle & Fitness (of all places!)
  • TIP: if you are going to do this recipe I suggest pounding your chicken breasts out a bit to flatten them before bbq-ing. This is a trick I picked up from some food blog (sorry I can’t give you a source. I literally read 4-6 a day). You see all chicken breasts have a thicker area, and since eating raw chicken is not cool you have to keep the chicken on the BBQ for as long as it takes to cook this “thicker” area. Unfortunately the rest of the chicken dries out when you do this. By making the breast one thickness you eliminate that, decrease your BBQ time and have juicy, yummy chicken every time. Try it.


Baked Spaghetti Squash Casserole – Eat Yourself Skinny

  • Baked Spaghetti Squash Casserole – from Eat Yourself Skinny
  • I am hoping if I also make garlic bread loving husband will ignore the fact that he’s eating squash. Finger’s crossed.


  • Leftovers! There are bound to be some leftovers from this past week which we will dish out, heat up and nosh on.


  • Take out or go out. But I ain’t cooking!

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