40-Minute Low Impact Cardio + Abs

I had to film this workout twice.

And this time it wasn’t because I forgot to turn the mic on, or I forgot to plug the mic in, or I had dropped the camera, or the batteries had died on my headset.

Nope. This time is was because I accidentally deleted the workout from my camera.

The kicker is I didn’t even clue in while I was happily deleting two workouts from my camera (before I had even uploaded them. So, yes to add insult to injury I had to re-do two workouts.).

I figured it out, instead, two hours later while driving home from The Studio.

Something clicked in my limited grey matter and my eyes popped as I realized what I did.

Do you ever wonder what madness possesses your menopausal mind too?

Anyways, I had to re-do it and when I did I tweaked it a bit as well.

For instance, on the first one I recorded I never did ten minutes of ab drills at the end. And, I believe, this is the icing on the cake for this workout!

So, I guess in a way it was good I lost my brain for a while.

Happy sweating πŸ™‚



The Workout




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