40-Minute Dumbbell HIIT Cardio Workout

I went to the new movie “Solo” last night (that’s the new Star Wars movie for those of you who aren’t geeks like me).

And, I gotta admit I was worried.

Being a HUGE Star Wars fan I was nervous they would screw this up, and Star Wars and the internet did nothing to calm my nerves.

First, Kathleen Kennedy (the head honcho of all things Star Wars) fired the first two directors. Creative differences were cited (I wonder what that really means?).

From there director Ron Howard took over.

An amazing director, but with absolutely no experience directing a film of this magnitude. But really, is there anyone (other than JJ Abrams) who has experience in this kind of movie??? Nope, there isn’t.

And then there were rumours that they had to bring in an acting coach for the guy who is playing Han Solo.

What?? An acting coach?? For one of movie-land’s most iconic and best loved characters. Oh boy, get me a drink people.

Top that off with tepid reviews from critics hitting the internet on Thursday meant I went in expecting to be disappointed and to have my soul crushed (yet again), but another Star Wars storyline, actor, plot screw-up.



It was fun, entertaining, fast-paced and true to the Star Wars brand and universe.

I have no idea what these freaking critics were watching. Cause it sure as hell was not the movie I watched.

I totally recommend it, give it a big thumbs up and will be going to see it again real soon πŸ™‚


A pair of light & moderate dumbbells

A sturdy chair, or bench, to do tricep dips

The Workout

Dumbbell HIIT-Cardio-Workout-Fitness-with-PJ-Blog



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