35-Minute Total Body Dumbbell Tabata

A total body Tabata workout that uses dumbbells to increase muscle tone, as well as improve your cardio.

This workout, I am sad to report, I am solo. No loving husband.

I know! It’s just not the same without him. However, I gave him a really bad cold and the day I had to film (cause I missed last week from filming from being sick myself) he was coughing, sniffling and feeling pretty crappy.

So… since I was the a-hole who got him sick, the only conceivable thing to do was to leave him at home with Netflix, a bag of chips and a Big Gulp.

35-Minute Total Body Dumbbell Tabata


  • A Tabata workout is a series of sets (8 in total) of one exercise, with a work time of 20-seconds a set. While the work time is short, it makes up in intensity though.
  • For a true Tabata workout the exercises must be intense (a 9 and 10 out of 10 in the RPE scale).

The science of Tabata.

Research has shown that a Tabata workout can produce the same, and if not better, results for increased fitness, improved heart function and weight loss just the same as longer, less-intense workouts.

This is great news since the number one cited reason for not working out is lack of time.



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