35-Minute Bodyweight HIIT

Today’s workout is the PERFECT workout to do if you are:

  • Travelling and have no access to equipment
  • In need of a cardio workout
  • Looking to strengthen the legs (especially the glutes)
  • Wanting a good core workout
  • Feeling down and need a smile on your face

This workout only uses your bodyweight and is suitable for all levels.

It is also loving husband’s first harder workout with me and I wish I had a dollar for every time he moaned, groaned or rolled his eyes at me – cause after this 35-minute workout I would have had enough cash for a visit to the ol’ spa.

Loving Husband

I won’t lie. This workout almost killed loving husband. But, it’s not because it’s a super hard core workout.

It’s really because he just has not been working on his cardio lately and he is getting over a really bad cold that lasted for almost two months!

So, nonetheless, two-minutes into the warm up he was already huffing and puffing.

However, he was a great sport and he did his very best (albeit sometimes the wrong exercise at the wrong time). And that’s all a wife and a trainer can ask for.

35-Minute Bodyweight HIIT





Not a thing


35-Minute Bodyweight HIIT



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