24-Minute Booty Tabata

This all-levels 24-minute booty tabata can be done at home, on vacation, outside, or at the gym. It’s kinda like your nude lipstick, it goes with anything.

At the beginning of this workout I joked that I hope I remembered how to do a YouTube workout, since I took about a 6 week hiatus. And while I knew what to do, my equipment did not.

For the last 5 minutes of the workout my mic crapped out on me πŸ™


I was not impressed when I got home and uploaded it into iMovie.

I swear my mic is out to kill me. It has done this before, and I have done numerous workouts in the past without turning it on. Apparently you need it on for it to record you. Who knew?

So in this workout you get me chatting away IN the workout, and then you get me voicing over the workout near the end. Hopefully you find it entertaining.

Tabata Workouts

I love Tabata workouts because you get a great calorie-burn, in a short amount of time.

The idea with a Tabata is to go as hard as you can for 20-seconds, resting for only 10-seconds. for eight rounds.

We cycle through that for four exercises in this Tabata workout, really hitting the thighs and glutes.



A water bottle

The Workout




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