20-Minute TRX Workout

It’s my birthday tomorrow.

I’m not sure how that happened.

First I’m not sure how it became March so quickly, and second how I became 48 so quickly?

Now, I realize that 48 is not that old.

In fact, I don’t totally hate almost being 50.

I kinda like being in my late forties, or more that I like the wisdom that we have in our middle age, compared to the lack thereof that our pain in the ass, self absorbed, 20-year old selves didn’t have.

BUT… I just don’t know how it came so fast.

It’s fitting that Disney and Oprah open their new movie this weekend called “A Wrinkle in Time”.

Cause yeah Oprah, there has been some serious wrinkles in my timeframe.

I know you can relate.

We all wonder, at some point in our lives, “Where the f*ck did the time go?”.

There is a paradox, to getting older, though.

Scientists have found a clear, linear relationship between age and mental health: the older people get the happier they feel (read more here).

There’s some nice silver for our lining.

So cheers.

Here’s to getting older, to not being able to read the small print anymore, to wondering (every-so-often) how we can stop that damn clock from ticking so fast, and to never stop laughing at ourselves.


20-Minute TRX Workout

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