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With age comes wisdom, they say.

With age also comes the inability to fall asleep, or stay asleep, I say.

I have struggled with sleep, or more precisely, falling asleep since I was in my 20’s, and it’s gotten worse as I near menopause.

There have been tricks and much medical advice I have tried. And nothing really worked, until now.

Back in January I went to a private clinic, Healix Health, and to a doctor (Dr Janet Franiek) who specializes in female health.

And she has changed my life.

Through these last 6 months we have found the right magic formula to help me sleep, to manage my hot flashes, to improve my energy levels and increase my happiness in spades.

For sleep she has me on the following formula: progesterone (induces sleep promoting metabolites), magnesium glycinate (helps with fatigue and mood), L theanine (helps with mind chatter), seriphos (helps to decrease cortisol levels, which if elevated at night will keep you up), topped off with 2-3 sprays of liquid melatonin.

This little nighttime cocktail has helped!

Accompanied with my other sleep hygiene protocols (staying off computers and electronic devices after 9pm, stretching and doing some form of meditation before bed – and this is usually only 2-5 minutes of deep breathing, and getting up if I can’t fall asleep after 20 minutes), I am a new woman.




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