15-Minute Total Body Stretch

When I was younger I used to scoff at the whole stretch/yoga thing. While I did the typical after workout stretches with my clients and classes I was never really committed to maintaining any type of flexibility program personally.

I thought I would be young, agile and free from tight muscles and tendons forever. Ha! Then I entered my mid-life.

It’s Fine to Have a Tight A**

While it is admirable to have a tight behind, or tight and toned thighs, what is not so charming is the inability to touch your toes.

Tightness in the muscle, tendons and fascia happens through age, overuse, underuse as well as injury.

When we age, we lose some of the water in the tendons, making them stiffer and more susceptible to injury.

When we overuse a muscle we can create muscle tightness because it is always in a contracted state. And when we underuse our muscles, such as sit in one position for long periods of time (like me sitting here writing this blog), we create muscle tightness as a result of the restriction in movement.

All of this can add years to your body, as well as decrease your quality of life.

 How Much Stretching?

This can all be avoided, though, with a regular stretch program – and with a HUGE emphasis on the word REGULAR.

Because tissue is elastic in nature it will always go back to its original length. So, stretching once or twice a week will not train that muscle to stay in the new lengthen position you are asking it to stay in.

This is even more true after the age of 40.

To really see changes in your flexibility, and keep your body agile and young,  you need to stretch every day.

Aim for 5 minutes a day to start and work yourself up to 15-30 minutes. The key here is consistency.

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Total Body Stretch For All Levels

Join loving husband and I in this total body stretch routine. It’s perfect for all levels of flexibility, and a great addition for after your workout as well as first thing in the morning.

Click here if the video does not appear for you.

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