15-Minute Total Body Dumbbell Workout

This quick little dumbbell workout will hit every muscle in your body.

Great workout for when you are short on time, or if you like A LOT of variety in your workout.


A pair of moderate dumbbells + 1 light


1. Walk out push up
2. Squat with side leg lift
3. Alternating bent over rows
4. Dumbbell together chest presses
5. Frog pumps
6. Low back extension with lat pulldown
7. Squat press
8. Staggered stance deadlift
9. Other leg
10.Alternating bicep curls
11. Side plank with rear delt lifts
12. Other side
13. Dumbbell plank pull with downward dog
14. Tricep kickbacks + pump

1 x 50sec


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