15 Minute Strength Workout

Well, it’s been a long time.

It’s been a long time since I blogged. A long time since I filmed a workout and a long time since I shaved my legs (TMI?).

However, I have a good reason.

I opened a new boutique fitness studio in Ladner.

In addition, I also re-vamped, re-branded and renewed my website.

Whew! December was a CRAZY, and I count my blessings for two things:

  • Loving husband
  • And spiced rum

They both got me through it all.

15-Minute Strength Workout

During the madness I had very little time to workout.

For 6-weeks I simply fit in what I could, and didn’t get down on myself for not doing more.

I told myself that I knew I would get back to it. But, in the meantime I would just fit what I could in and be happy with that.

And guess what? I actually listened to myself and hence this workout

(Wow. This is definitely a sign of growing up.)

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The deets:

Tools needed: A pair of heavy, moderate and light dumbbells.

Workout best for: home

Level: beginner – advanced


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